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Our Mission 

At Little You & Me Press, we create humorous, quirky high-quality books that children love so much they become lifelong readers and learners.

We provide “Read it Again” stories that empower children from ALL backgrounds through the universal language of giggles.

The logo of our kids publishing company is a bear reading to a bunny, a mouse and a little bird. The bear represents our love for books and stories, as well as ourstrength and courage to explore new worlds and ideas.


The bunny, the mouse and the bird symbolize the diversity of our readers and authors, who come from different backgrounds, cultures and perspectives.

They also show our curiosity and joy for learning and sharing. Together, they create a scene of friendship, harmony and fun, which is what we want to offer to our customers through our children's books. Our logo reflects our vision of a publishing house that celebrates diversity, creativity and magic.

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