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The coziest reading nook to make reading extra fun

True, kids can read anywhere. But if you build them a reading nook, chances are they’ll use it

Your reading nook can be something as simple as a comfortable chair somewhere you like in your home. Children love “special” places though, and if you take the time to make them a nice reading nook which they feel their own, they’ll be sure to use it.  Having a reading nook will allow them to have where to read their stories and visit all those little places in their imaginations. Here’s my view about the most important things to consider when choosing and putting together the coziest reading nook to make reading extra fun:

  1. Let there be light: Light is the single most important aspect to reading in comfort. It is not a chair, a desk or a cushion, it’s light. The best source is, of course, natural light. You should consider natural lighting when choosing the right spot for your cozy little reading nook.

  2. A lamp is a reader’s best friend: Of course, natural light isn’t always available. A reading lamp, is among the most valuable things a reader can have. It doesn’t just allow reading with less eye-strain; it allows reading in a comfortable position, because the reader can sit comfortably without minding the light in the room.

  3. Ergonomics plays a key role: Cushions don’t just make the place look cozy, they’re necessary for support if you’re reading on a bed. Likewise, if the reading nook has a chair and a desk, it is crucial these are tailored to the height of the little one.

With all of the above in mind…

The armchair:

This is the Ikea Poäng chair for kids. It doesn’t break the bank and it looks fantastic. Throw in a reading lamp and you have a simple and effective reading nook for your child right there.

Here’s another one from Ikea:

Now.. A chair along works, but for a proper reading nook you need to throw in a shelf and a lamp at least.. Have a look at this one, which you could pull with just one armchair as well:

Here, we don’t really have a proper chair, but rather somewhere one can lay and read. Not really a lap either, but the lights work to provide illumination and a special ambiance. The shelves and lettering make it legally and officially a reading nook!

Just remember when you were just a child. Did you have a reading nook?

These are just some basics. Do you have a great idea for a reading nook? Share it below!

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